Do family meals feel like a power struggle? Are you concerned about your child’s growth or eating patterns? Do you have picky eaters? Have you been told that your child is too big or too small? If you resonate with any of these scenarios, you are in the right place!

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Flourishing Friends in Rochester, Minnesota, is managed by Heather Plizga, a registered dietitian devoted to helping children and families achieve their full potential. She offers individual consultations, education, and follow-up support for parents in dealing with these types of issues.

Here is how she might help you:

Step 1: Informal Interview  – This initial assessment (via phone and/or email) is used to determine what best fits your needs.

Step 2: In-Person Sessions — Whether you’re in need of gentle guidance to help put you back on the right track or more in-depth counseling, an in-person session includes a discussion of how to implement better structure, encouraging parents to continue with already successful practices and offering recommendations of where slight changes could be made.

For more advanced cases, an in-depth assessment may be necessary. An in-depth assessment includes completing questionnaires that investigate your family climate/routines, reviewing doctors’ notes/growth charts, keeping a 3-day food record, and video-documenting of family meals.

Step 3: Follow-Up Visits – A follow-up visit will be scheduled for all cases, but more visits may be necessary. Follow-up visits include a discussion of intervention results, focusing on successes and barriers, as well as any next steps. These sessions are usually 15-30 minutes. All families are invited to follow up at any time they feel it necessary!

Use the form on this site to schedule an appointment with Heather today!