Nutrition Counseling in Rochester, MN!


Flourishing Friends is now offering nutrition counseling in Rochester, Minnesota, to help families flourish! Just to be clear, I am not quitting my day job. I will still be daycare mom extraordinaire! But I am going to start offering my dietitian services to parents with questions on a very part-time basis. Check out my new website! And don’t hesitate to contact me if you need nutrition counseling in Rochester, Minnesota!

When I first went to college at the University of Iowa, I was a pre-nursing major. I completed 3 semesters before I realized it wasn’t quite the right fit. I was actually on the Iowa Women’s Rowing team when I encountered a dietitian for the first time. She came to one of our practices to give us a presentation about sports nutrition. I shadowed a dietitian at the university hospital – and that was it! A few weeks later, I transferred to Iowa State University so I could pursue a degree in dietetics.

I had the same sort of light bulb moment my senior year in Eunice Bassler’s nutrition counseling course. She talked about eating foods you love, trusting your body, and how to avoid being the “food police”. This was the first time I learned about Ellyn Satter and her models for eating, feeding, and nutrition counseling. I immediately took Ellyn’s principles to heart. Deep down in my bones, I just knew there was something right about it. That class is what made me fall in love with nutrition counseling.

It makes me sad that being a dietitian has become synonymous with drudgery and control. But I get excited when I think about guiding families back to a bright-eyed enthusiasm for family meals. Food is so much a part of who we are – it defines us! Unfortunately, some adults feel defined by their food in a negative way. They just can’t escape the guilt or shame they feel as a result of childhood experiences. Our childhood food experiences shape how we view food the rest of our lives! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… It is perfectly normal to come to the table hungry, choose the foods you like, and eat until you are satisfied. If you are struggling to know how to feed your family or have any questions at all, I’m so excited to help! Message me if you need nutrition counseling in Rochester, Minnesota!


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